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We’re putting together our product list, it will include food and accessories.


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Give us your feedback by commenting bellow as of which products would you like to see in our shop:

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  1. The website says now for mor than 1 1/2 years “coming soon…”. How far away is “soon”? I am interested in steak knifes and wine glasses and, of course, your special sauce. Thank you!

  2. Looking to buy the sauce. Similar to Peter Lugers which I can get but prefer Wolfgangs. Always buy a bottle or 2 when we dine there but would like to be able to order the sauce online in between visits to the restaurant.

  3. Jason Stadtmueller - Reply

    I visited one of your locations in New York City and thought everything was amazing. I just wish I could order some of your steak sauce. I live in Wisconsin and every steak I have had since then just has been the same without the sauce

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