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Marunouchi welcomes new eatery

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse is proud to announce it’s second location in Japan.


Japan’s second branch of Wolfgang’s Steakhouse will open in Tokyo’s Marunouchi district at 5 p.m. on Dec. 8, with reservations being accepted from Nov. 8.

Japan’s first branch of the New York-based steakhouse opened in Roppongi in February. Eight months after opening, customers still have to wait a month for dinner reservations.

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse uses only “prime grade” beef, the grade given to only the top 5 percent of beef in the U.S. The restaurant chain transports the beef chilled, not frozen, and keeps it for 28 days for optimal aging and tenderness. The outer third of the beef is sliced away and the remaining cuts are grilled at 900 C.

The Marunouchi restaurant will have 170 seats, and is suitable for private parties. It will also have four private rooms.



2 thoughts on “Marunouchi welcomes new eatery

  1. It is very important to locate and dine with well established steakhouse like Wolfgang’s Steakhouse in Japan because whenever we goes out to have steakfood we hope for the best.
    This will definatly delight the people who love to have steakfood.

  2. Reviewed on: September 19, 2012Great Steaks I wanted to give my wife a nice time out. We tried this place not knnwoig how it would be. The seating is very close to people walking through the casino, but we didn’t mind that. The service was professional and friendly. The food? The steaks are their number one item on the menu. Very high priced, but wow! We both enjoyed our meal. After I ordered my $70.00 steak, I told my wife how much better can a $70 steak be over a $25 steak? Well, I found out they know the difference. I can hardly wait to go back. You will enjoy the experience, but bring your money. Good job Old Homestead!

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